Your bike is more than the sum of its parts

We have most parts required for any service on hand, all of the time, so we can get you rolling again quickly, but if there's something in particular you're looking for, we can track down just about anything. If you're looking for recommendations, check out our favorites below! For the occasional exhaustive treatise about specific parts selection, check out these blog posts.

For us, time spent on a bicycle is about so much more than the machine under you. You can spend a pile of pennies on wireless, all-terrain, light-weight, hand-made, vegan, kosher dream machine, or you can spend a smaller pile of pennies on a practical people-mover, or you can borrow your neighbor's old Schwinn and cruise down to Bryan Park to watch the racing. All are great! Want to talk about the relative benefits of one material to another? We enjoy that! Want to talk about your next adventure circumnavigating West-by-god Virginia? Now we're getting into the meat of the bicycle.

While WTB makes great tires and White Industries makes pretty slick hubs, they both encourage the things that we DO with the products, rather than the ideal virtues of the products themselves. Shimano and SRAM may be the behemoths in this bike-parts pond, but we're stoked to work with BOX Components and SunRace for alternatives to the old standards.