We aim to be able to fix anything you can break

Or prevent it from breaking in the first place.

A Clean Bike is a Happy Bike

And a happy bike is a fast, reliable and fun bike. Never underestimate the power of a clean bike to get you excited to ride, or to help you remember why you liked it in the first place.

Every service with the Parts & Labor includes some sort of cleaning. Maybe it's just a quick polish for your road bike, getting the dirt out of all the nooks and crannies of your full suspension, or hosing off caked-on mud after an adventure ride to remember.

If you're just getting a quick checkup, ask for a cleaning as well to make your drivetrain shine and your paint sparkle. 

Squishy Bits Need Love

If you want them to remain squishy. We offer the highest quality, quickest turnaround, and least expensive options for suspension service in the region. Fork Service starts at $60 for the basic service including parts and oil. Rear Shock service starts at $50 including parts and oil. Complete suspension overhauls start at $150, and include seals, oil, pivot service (bearings addl.) and a deep clean. If a suspension part needs to be sent to a

Dropper Seatposts are a thing now, and need service just as often as suspension. We've worked on Rockshox Reverb, Kindshock, Fox DOSS and Transfer, Specialized Commandpost, Giant Contact Switch, Race Face Turbine, and others.

Stop the Creaks, the Bleeps, and the Squeaks

They drive you crazy and make you fear for your bike's integrity. They make you afraid to shift, brake, or get out of the saddle. Whenever you've got an evil noise coming from your bike, we can help! Make some mental notes about when the noise happens and what it sounds like, and in most cases we can diagnose and repair the issue while you wait or while you're at work!